About us

Our Mission

  • To provide the best lighting solution possible for a given application
  • To promote efficient lighting sources
  • To inform our customers of new technologies throughout the areas we service
  • To become a leading force in the lighting market

At NRG, we approach every step of your project with utmost simplicity. This makes it easy to follow your project’s progression, from the initial proposal to the production and supply of lighting products.

Our Values

Respect is a value that we demonstrate to our clients by maintaining a sustainable and harmonious relationship and by meeting their requirements within prescribed timelines. Our level of respect is taken a step further through our everyday gestures to protect the environment. Small gestures do make a difference.

Fairness motivates every one of our decisions because we want to build a win-win relationship with our clients.

This is one of our guiding principles. Transparency allows us to nurture our pride, our pride in serving you as best we can.

Accuracy of Information
We define ourselves as a fountain of information, making sure that this information is accurate, verifiable and forwarded in a reasonable and timely fashion.

sets us apart

To the question “Why do you do business with us?” our clients say that they appreciate our approach, which is based on honesty, trust and availability. They enjoy working with us because our solutions are results oriented. They also mention our professionalism, thoroughness, commitment as well as our ability to respect deadlines.

Are you looking for quality products, personalized service provided by competent specialists who are available and ready to answer your questions? Contact us. We’ll be pleased to help you.

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