Lamp, ballasts and control

NRG Management :

For Quality Lighting Products

Founded in 1998, NRG Management is a manufacturers’ agent specialized in the marketing of avant-garde lighting products intended for industrial, commercial and institutional markets.

NRG provides other services as well, such as the upgrading, and energetic improvement of existing lighting systems. In fact, we’ve achieved a unique experience in these fields.

We also offer a point-by-point lighting design service and quality selection of lighting implements. To further assist our clients we provide “lunch & learn” information sessions to distributors and professionals.
Ecoenergetic Lighting Solutions

Although our agency markets all kinds of lighting products, we like to focus on lighting solutions that offer a maximum of energy efficiency.
Lighting Realisations – Commercial, Industrial and Institutional

Take a few minutes to look at them and you’ll realize that our lighting solutions are practical, innovative, efficient and high performing.
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